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Airborne Network Storage

Airborne Multi Function Displays (MFD)

Rugged Avionic Airworthy PC Computers

Rugged Military Video Encoder Streamer

Vehicle Rugged Military PC Computers
Unmanaged 8 Ports Ethernet Switch

Naval Rugged Military PC Computers

Airborne & Naval Data Links

Airborne, Vehicles Power Supplies

ACMI POD and Data-link

1553, Ethernet, ARINC-429  Flight Recorders

TPQ-36, TPQ-37 Radar Add-Ons

Cable & FLEX Assemblies
Black Hawk Armament System

BES Electronic Systems and its subsidiary NIRON System & Projects are engaged in  a wide range of military programs and platforms throughout the world in the areas of Air, Land, and  Naval systems.  Our COTS products include military computers, MFD, Control systems for weapon delivery of Chaff and Flare Dispensing Systems, as well as Data-link systems, for airborne, Land,   and Naval platforms. Our solutions are based  on  our  own system  design, including algorithms hardware and  software. We also focus  on  'Turn-key programs' and upgrading of existing aging military platforms and assemblies, extending their service life and operational capabilities. Our ROCS system for the TPQ-36 and TPQ-37 Shelters is a typical example of a turn key project done for various customers in the world.  BES maintains a permanent professional staff to provide Life Cycle Integrated Logistics Support for its military programs.  The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Our Customers are TRS, Raytheon Australia, Cassidian EADS, Terma, Collins, TRS, ST Aerospace, LIG NEX1, IAI/ELTA, Rafael.
We  provide   support  and   maintenance  services  for   its   products   during  their  life cycle. Our services include research  and development of  Innovative  software  algorithms and implementation for  enhancing  system performance  at  various  areas, (data-links, mapping, databases). We  focus on analysis of  system connectivity  requirements followed  by solution  design  at various bandwidths constrains, and enhancing communication performance based on existing hardware  (RF layer). We also focus  on  upgrading of existing aging military platforms  and assemblies, extending their service life and operational capabilities.

Military Rugged Airworthy PC Computers for Fighters, Helicopters, Cargo Planes

BES' Avionics airworthy computers are made for tough environments.   

Extended Temperature range from -40°C to + 71°C

CMC-e 19", Quad Core  i7,
Rugged Airworthy PC

-20°C to + 60°C
XP Embedded  Ubuntu

Helicopters, Cargo planes,
Custom made I/O interfaces.

CMC-e page

CMC-e datasheet


CMC-e PC, Quad Core  i7,
Rugged Airworthy PC,

-25°C to + 71°C
XP, Window 7, Ubuntu.

 Helicopters, Cargo planes, 
Custom made I/O interfaces.


CMC-e page

CMC-e datasheet  


AMC-1000 Air Cooled  
Rugged Airworthy PC


-40°C to + 71°C

XP Embedded,  Ubuntu

Fighter, Fixed wing, Helicopters. 
Custom made I/O interfaces.

AMC-1000 page

AMC-1000 datasheet

FDR-1000 - Air Cooled
Rugged Airworthy PC

-40°C to + 71°C

XP, Win 7 Embedded,  
Fighters, Fixed wing, Helicopters. 
Custom made I/O interfaces.


FDR-1000 page

FDR-1000 datasheet

ANS-1000 - Air Cooled
Airborne Network Storage 

-40°C to + 71°C

Win 7 Embedded,

Fighter, Fixed wing, Helicopters. 
Custom made I/O interfaces.


ANS-1000 page


Military Rugged Naval & Vehicle PC  

 Mil-STD. Peripherals 

Naval Rugged CMC-e PC
Quad Core  i7


-20°C to + 71°C
XP Embedded,  Ubuntu

Custom made I/O interfaces.


CMC-e page

CMC-e datasheet

Naval Rugged 19" CMC-e

Quad Core  i7

XP Embedded,  Ubuntu

Custom made I/O interfaces.


CMC-e page
CMC-e datasheet

Rugged Vehicle PC 


-40°C to + 71°C

XP, Win 7 Embedded,
Custom made I/O interfaces.

AVC-301M page

AVS - Rugged Streamer RS170/NTSC/PAL

to MPEG4, H.264 via LAN

Avionics Rugged RS-170 Video Streamer

DC IN:  18-36VDC

Rugged, for Fighters, Planes & Helicopters


AVS page

AVS datasheet

AHS - Rugged Airborne 8 x ports Ethernet Switch

AHS Rugged Avionics unmanaged Ethernet Switch

DC IN:  18-36VDC

Rugged, for Fighters,Cargo  Planes & Helicopters

AHS page

AHS Specs.

AHS datasheet


TPQ-36/37 with ROCS detects, displays and forwards weapons faster than legacy radar. 

It is more accurate, User Friendly, and easy to maintain.

         WLU with ROCS                                         VS.                                                        Existing WLU

ROCS datasheet  ROCS page 

Flight Data Recorders   (1553, ARINC-429, Ethernet, RS-422, Discrete)

CMC-e-600 - Chinook CH-47F CAAS Data Recorder


cmc-e-600 dataMars Flight Recorder

 Debriefing Software           CMC-e-600

 CMC-e-600 page
CMC-e- 600 ICD      

 CMC-e-600 data sheet 

FDR 300B -  Ethernet & MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Recorder

MIL-STD-1553 FDR-300 Recorder


FDR-300B page



CMC-e-1000 -  Flight Data Recorder


CMC-e-1000 page   CMC-e- 1000 data sheet   


Debriefing Software  

ACMI POD Airworthy Computers, Datalink, Power Supplies, for AIM-9L/P4B


POD Power Supplies


Rugged Airworthy POD PC



AMC-300B & EndCap for ACMI POD 

AMC-300B                  S-Band XCVR
S Band Transceiver page 

Tactical TDMA Data Links for Airborne, Land and  Naval Applications

Naval Data Link (FDLU)

Military Rugged PC Computer for Naval and Land Applications

    Rugged FDLU                    19" Rack Mounted FDLU

FDLU Controller 19" Rack   FDLU Controller 

Via Standard Analog HF, VHF, UHF, Radio, Satcom

FDLU Naval Data Link page 

Airborne Data link

   AMC-300         S-Band XCVR
ACMI & Virtual Radar home page
Data Link home page
Data Link data sheet  

The VR-500 is a Multiple Participant Airborne S-Band TDMA data link with up to 400 time slots per second. Transmission rate is up to 714Kb/sec. A typical application includes 20 airborne participants sharing 200 time slots per second. Each participant may broadcast 300 bytes of data messages 10 times per second (10Hz) While one participant transmits, the rest of the participants listen. With an airborne omni directional antenna, the Data Link has a useful range of 60-70NM.

A Ground Station with high gain antennas provides ranges exceeding 120NM. 

Airworthy Avionic Power Supplies

 Avionic Power Supplies

AVIONICS Power Supplies

These power supplies function as a central Power Supply in various electronic assemblies in Fighter planes. 


APS - Multi Voltage Power supply
AVIONICS Power Supply

2500W  Output Power

APS page

APS datasheet  


Power Supply Modules

Avionic Power Supply Module

Custom made avionic power supply modules.

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