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Airborne, Naval, Land  TDMA Data Link

Naval Data Link (FDLU)

Military Rugged PC Computer for Naval and Land Applications

                      FDLU on 19" Rack            FDLU on Rugged Platform

The FDLU is a multiple Participant Naval TDMA data link .It updates ship's Command & Control via existing ship's radios, (HF, VHF, UHF, L Band, S Band) and INMARSAT. The FDLU is built for large number of  participant ships using broadcasting and peer to peer communication. Data rate is up to 19,200 KB/sec. The FDLU is a master-less system that enables a fleet of ships to share same C2 picture.


The FDLU is connected to the local Command & Control Center and updates other participant ships with the local situation (Radar Sensors etc') in order to generate 'the Arena Picture.

FDLU Naval Data Link page 

FDLU datasheet



Airborne Data link



The VR-500 is a Multiple Participant Airborne S-Band TDMA data link with up to 400 time slots per second. Transmission rate is up to 714Kb/sec. A typical application includes 20 airborne participants sharing 200 time slots per second. Each participant may broadcast 300 bytes of data messages 10 times per second (10Hz) While one participant transmits, the rest of the participants listen. With an airborne omni directional antenna, the Data Link has a useful range of 60-70NM.

A Ground Station with high gain antennas provides ranges exceeding 120NM. 


Data Link data sheet

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