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 AMC-300 and EndCap on AIM9L Tube


AVIONICS Power Supplies
POD Power Supplies

These power supplies provide various voltages. They function as multi voltage Power Supplies for various electronic assemblies in Fighter planes and ACMI PODs.





VR-500 POD Data link

The VR-500 is a Multiple Participant Airborne S-Band TDMA data link with up to 400 time slots per second. Transmission rate is up to 714Kb/sec. A typical application includes 20 airborne participants sharing 200 time slots per second.  Each participant may broadcast 300 bytes of data messages 10 times per second (10Hz) While one participant transmits, the rest of the participants listen. With an airborne omni-directional antenna, the Data Link has a useful range of 60-70NM. A Ground Station with high gain antennas provides ranges exceeding 120NM.  

Data Link data sheet
ACMI Data Link page
S  Band Transceiver page


pod PC

FDR-300B page 

AMC-300 is a miniature fan-less military PC computer running Windows XP Embedded. The computer is used on Fighter planes, and as part of ACMI PODs. We configure the AMC-1000  to include I/Os per customer’s requirements, such as various interfaces, additional serial ports, Video, A/D, 1553, ARINC etc'. Operation from 6-36VDC.

AMC-300 datasheet     

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