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BES Electronic Systems and its subsidiary NIRON System & Projects are engaged in  a wide range of military programs and platforms throughout the world in the areas of Air, Land, and  Naval systems. 

Our solutions are based on our own system design, including algorithms hardware and software. We also focus on upgrading of existing military platforms, and providing support services for our products during their life cycle.  The companies are  ISO 9001:2008.certified.

During the  recent years we've delivered advanced-technology systems in  various electronic disciplines, to leading companies throughout the world, among them are Raytheon Australia, LIG Nex1 Korea, Thales Raytheon,  Rockwell Collins and Boeing (US), EADS (Spain, France), Terma (Denmark),  IAI, ELTA, ELBIT, Rafael, IMI (Israel).

BES' areas of business include System integration, Airborne and Naval Datalinks, Sensors interface with Command and Control systems, GIS, Simulators, Recorders of Data Audio and Video,  our own line of Rugged military computers, ACMI POD hardware, and  custom made Airborne power supplies.

Niron develops, produce and markets integrated solutions for manned and unmanned airborne, ground and surface naval platforms. These include: Self defense systems, control systems for weapon delivery and Chaff and Flare Dispensing Systems, mission and communication computers, display and switching units and hardware and software solutions for real-time applications

The Group services include research and development of Innovative software algorithms and implementation for enhancing system performance at various areas, (data-links, mapping, databases). We focus on analysis of system connectivity requirements followed by solution design at various bandwidths constrains, and enhancing communication performance based on existing hardware (RF layer).

Our customers appreciate our  fast design and development cycle and our capability to deliver small quantity production runs in a short time.

Among our successful projects in the recent years are: Skylite UAV Avionics,  TPQ-36/37 Radars Upgrades, ACMI POD Electronics, Airborne and Naval datalinks, Autonomous Vehicle computers, and line of  Data Recorders and Analyzers.  

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