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Redesign & Upgrade of Aging Electronic LRUs & Assemblies
Production of Cable & Flex Assemblies in USA

Part of the manufacturing of BES' products, is done in USA by ETI Services Inc. ETI is an electronic contract manufacturer that specializes in custom production of electronic assemblies, cable assemblies, wire harness assemblies, computer cable assemblies, and electro mechanical assemblies. ETI is located in Anaheim California, offers a variety of wire and cable assemblies, including ribbon cable assembly, round cable assembly and electro mechanical assembly. ETI's Custom Assembly expertise extends from one-of-a-kind to mass-produce; from simple, point-to-point, to complex multiple-branch and fiber optic assemblies. The services provided by our cable divisions comply with the ISO 9001 international standard as well as with MIL-I-45208A and many of the special requirements of   MIL-Q-9858A.  With wide range of experience with the design of airborne Flex assemblies, ETI's design engineers  can guide and suggest method of solving obsolescence of FLEX assemblies designed with different technologies.



Airworthy Multi voltage

FLEX Cable Assemblies


19" Rack High Power Airworthy Multi voltage Power Supply

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