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FAN-LESS Rugged Miniature Military PC Computer

Temperature Range  -40C to + 71C


AMC-1000 is a miniature fan-less PC military (avionic naval, and Land mobile) PC computer running Windows XP or Win 7  Embedded. The computer is used on military planes, Fighters, and helicopters as well as on vehicles. BES configures the AMC-1000  per customers requirements, such as various interfaces, additional serial ports, Video, A/D, 1553, ARINC etc'. The computer uses 9-36VDC.


Dimensions:    113x98x251 (WXHXL) [mm],  5.15"x4.0"x10.0" (WXHXL),     Weight: 5.5Lbs

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Base Line Configuration

Intel N270, or Dual Core AMD G-Series T56N 2 Cores, 1.65GHz, Cache 2x512kB GPU Core - Integrated in   CPU with Radeon HD6320 and renders core  frequency at 500 MHz.

9-36VDC per MIL-704E Power Supply

Flash Disk - 8-128GB .

DDR3-1333 - 1GB

8 x Serial Ports RS-232/422.


4 x USB 2.0 (or 2 x PS2 + 2 x USB 2.0)

4 x 100 BaseT LAN ports

Environmental Conditions per MIL-STD-810F

Output discrete signals
8 outputs of discrete signals via SI2308DS FET.
Each of the outputs is capable of sinking Continuous load current ratings to 800 mA @70C,
withstanding 60V in the off state.

4 inputs of TTL discrete signals.

4 inputs of HV (28VDC) Opto Isolated discrete signals.


Standard temperature range 20ºC to +71ºC,

Extended temperature range from 40ºC to +71ºC,



MIL-STD-1553 interface with one or two 1553 (A+B)
channels (SUMMIT chip API) programmed to operate
as a BC, RT, or Monitor.

ARINC-429 Interface with  4 x Rx, 2 x Tx

Output RS-170 Composite Video

Internal GPS

Sound -  AC97 controller, line-input /output


Up to 4 channels of MPEG-4/H.264 compressed video stream at 4 CIF resolution 704x480 pixels,
at up to 30 fps.

PS2 for Mouse and KBD.


1553 ARINC-429 Software development
AMC-1000 loaded with full development environment drivers and few examples of code.
BES offers a set of test cables that could be used in  software lab to run the computer during development.

AMC-1000  Construction 

The AMC-1000 PC is designed and constructed in accordance with MIL-STD-454. 


Thermal Design  

The cooling of the components on the AMC-1000 PC cards, Power Supply and the CPU chip is accomplished by conduction through the aluminum  enclosure of the unit.


External Connectors  

External connectors are per MIL-STD-454. 


Identification and Marking

The marking and labels of the equipment meet the requirements of MIL-M-13231.


Processes and Treatment  

Processes and treatments (welding, soldering, brazing   and corrosion (resistance protection) of the enclosure is in accordance with MIL-STD-454. 


Moisture & Fungus Resistance

AMC-1000 PC assemblies are moisture resistant and are not nutrients for fungi. The PC Cards are treated with Conformal coating for protection.

The coating conforms to MIL-I-46058C.  


External Finishes  

The computer external surfaces are chemically treated  prior to painting. All residues and contaminants are removed prior to applying one coat of primer. The finish   is semi-gloss per FED-STD-595. 



Environmental Conditions



The AMC-1000 PC  will not be damaged or affected by the effects of ambient air temperature as follows:


-20C to 71C or

-40C to 71C    



(Storage and transportation) -50 to 85C.



The AMC-1000 PC  operates as specified herein after being subjected to operational shocks

3 shocks were conducted in each of 6 directions.
40 g, 11 msec, Saw tooth (total 18 shocks).  


The AMC-1000 PC is qualified according to MIL-STD-810F for airborne, land Mobile and Naval environment.



Test on 3 axes (transverse. Longitudinal, vertical)

per Mil Std 810F / Method 514.5 / Fig. 514.5C-9
Frequency Range 15-2000 Hz.
Vibration level on each axis 4.8 Grms


Land Mobile

Test on 3 axes (transverse. Longitudinal, vertical)

per Mil Std 810F / Method 514.5 / Fig 514.5C-3
frequency range: 5-500 Hz.
Transverse - 1.53 g rms
Longitudinal - 1.96 g rms
Vertical 1.683 g rms



Sand and Dust

The AMC-1000 PC  shall operate as specified herein while and after being subjected to sand and dust as encountered in dry arid arias. The AMC-1000 PC shall meet the requirements specified in MIL-STD-810F.  


Salt Fog

The AMC-1000 PC  is resistant to the corrosive effects of salt fog  environment. per MIL-STD-810F Method 509.3 Procedure I.  


Relative humidity

  The AMC-1000 PC meets the requirements specified in

Operating - 95% RH  with no condensation.

Non-operating - 95% RH. 



The AMC-1000 PC  is non-nutrient to fungus growth per the requirements specified in MIL-STD-810F.




AMC-1000 complies to MIL-STD-461E.
CS101 Conducted Susceptibility, Power Leads,

CE101 Conducted Emissions, Power Leads,
30Hz - 10kHz
CE102 Conducted Emissions, Power Leads,
10kHz - 10MHz
RE102 - Radiated Emissions, 10 KHz to 18 GHz

RS103 - Radiated Susceptibility, Electric Field,
2MHz 18GHz
CS114 - Conducted susceptibility, bulk current injection,

10KHZ - 200 MHZ.  

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